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2010 ArtPrize photo contest

Prizing the art

Prizing the art, photo by tinney.

ArtPrize is holding a photo contest for photos added to the ArtPrize Flickr group. Click that link for the details and submit your photos to any or all of the following categories for a chance to win prizes!

  • installed art
  • public reactions/interaction with art
  • venues
  • artists
  • events (any ArtPrize related event)
  • voting (all forms)

Check Dustin’s photo out bigger and check out the ArtPrize 2010 slideshow on Flickr.

Much more ArtPrize on Absolute Michigan!

ArtPrize 2010 Happenings!

Absolute Michigan will be on location at ArtPrize and bringing you regular updates In addition to seeing all the art at the venues around the city, ArtPrize 2010 features numerous happenings all over the city. Before we get into that, however, here’s a great Opening Montage by filmmaker Brian Kelly that we came across this morning!

ArtPrize 9 22 2010 by RichardDemingPhotographyOK, hope your blood is moving now. Here’s some highlights to help you get your feet moving…

One of my absolutely favorite musicians is Michelle Shocked and she’s in Grand Rapids tonight at 8 PM. If you can get there, don’t miss  at the Wealthy Theatre.

Neighborhood Parties start today. Westside is an untraditional night at the movies TONIGHT Thursday, September 23 (8 – 10:30 PM). Hillside is Friday, September 24 (5 – 7 PM) and spotlights the talent of Grand Rapids’ theatre district for a beer-tasting happy hour. Center City is Saturday, September 24 (7-10 PM) will feature the first of three concerts in the ArtPrize 2010 Concert Series. Hillside is Sunday, September 26 (2 – 4 PM) and is an all-ages and family event with a community canvas and ive folk-rock music by Chicago-based band Common Shiner. Monroe North is Monday, September 27 (8 – 10 PM) and is Game Night with artists and public squaring off in competition.

ArtPrize Concert Series The ArtPrize Concert from 7-10 PM takes place at Rosa Parks Circle (Monroe Ave and Monroe Center) and features Surfer Blood, an indie-rock band from West Palm Beach. On Saturday, October 2, pop-singer Natasha Bedingfield headlines will perform with special guests: David Archuleta and Hot Chelle Rae.

Artist Beili Liu's "Lure/Forest" by paulh192
Artist Beili Liu’s “Lure/Forest” by paulh192
ArtPrize Speaker Series will be held at The Hub and features 8 days with distinguished art experts, artists, designers, and more. Evening events include a cocktail hour and cash bar and daytime events have lunches available for purchase.

The Top 10 Announcement takes place at 6 PM on Thursday, September 30 at Rosa Parks Circle. Following the announcement, Grammy-nominated act Five For Fighting will perform select songs.

The ArtPrize Winners Announcement takes place Thursday, October 7 at 7 PM.

The ArtPrize Art Fair at DeVos Place will allow you to browse or buy artwork from over 50 registered ArtPrize artists.  It takes place September 24-26.

Photos: ArtPrize 9 22 2010 by RichardDemingPhotography and  Artist Beili Liu’s “Lure/Forest” by paulh192

Grand Rapids ArtPrize: We have a winner!

ArtPrize 09-Open Water no.24 by deviant_anomaly
ART PRIZE 2009-0032
ART PRIZE 2009-0032 by RichardD72

AND THE WINNER IS… by rkramer62


The first-ever ArtPrize in Grand Rapids has ended with Open Water no. 24, a 6′ x 19′ oil painting by Ran Ortner being chosen as the winner by public vote from 1,262 artists who exhibited at 157 venues across the city. A former pro motorcycle racer, Ortner will receive a quarter of a million dollars for his finish. The Freep reports:

Ortner said he was stunned by his win. “Wow. Exhilarating, captivating, ridiculous. Can’t get my head around it.”

It means a lot to him that those choosing his work were not professional art critics but people who were moved by his work. “There’s been a heart connection here,” he said.

And it has been good for those who voted, Ortner said. “All of a sudden, those who know nothing about art have an opinion that matters,” he said. “It really has a life larger than anything anybody anticipated.”

ArtPrize 2009 Winners

  1. Ran Ortner – Open Water no. 24
  2. Tracy Van Duinen – Imagine That!
  3. Eric Daigh – Portraits
  4. David Lubbers – The Grand Dance
  5. Bill Secunda – Moose
  6. Nessie Project – Nessie on the Grand
  7. John Douglas Powers – Field of Reeds
  8. Sarah Grant – The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art
  9. Jason Hackenwerth – Ecstasy of The Scarlet Empress
  10. Michael Westra – winddancer 2

You can get some more links to coverage at Who won ArtPrize? on the ArtPrize blog and stay tuned to for news about ArtPrize 2010!

Check out this video below for some scenes from the Winners Celebration – the close of this dance number is really impressive!

More videos can be found at ArtPrize 2009 Absolute Michigan.

ArtPrize Top 10

They have announced the top ten for Artprize…

ArtPrize Top Ten

Results displayed in random order

Jason Hackenwerth | Ecstasy of The Scarlet Empress

Ecstasy of …
Jason Hackenwerth

David Lubbers | The Grand Dance

The Grand Dance
David Lubbers

John Douglas Powers | Field of Reeds

Field of Reeds
John Douglas Powers

Sarah Grant | The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art

The Furniture …
Sarah Grant

Michael Westra | winddancer 2

winddancer 2
Michael Westra

Nessie Project | Nessie on the Grand

Nessie on the …
Nessie Project

Eric Daigh | Portraits

Eric Daigh

Ran Ortner | Open Water no.24

Open Water no.24
Ran Ortner

Tracy Van Duinen | Imagine That!

Imagine That!
Tracy Van Duinen

Vote for your favorite artist

check them out at!

Snapshots of the Grand Rapids ArtPrize

Here’s a video produced by Absolute Michigan featuring audio from Brad Aspey of Interlochen Public Radio along with photographs from the Absolute Michigan pool and the Creative Commons. The music is Octopussy by Juanitos. There’s so much more to see – definitely go to Grand Rapids if at all possible and learn all about ArtPrize Grand Rapids.




Kurt Perschke


Eric Daigh


Rob Bliss

Official Video: Rob Bliss 2009 ArtPrize Paper Airplane Event

Fantastic video by Creo Productions! Thanks docksidepress for the pointer!

ArtPrize 2009′s music and performance art

In addition to the amazing visual artwork, there’s also a lot of performance artwork associated with ArtPrize.

Thanks Yolanda for the find!

(really) On Location at ArtPrize

Barcode systemYesterday I decided to ignore the terrible forecast for today’s 100,000 Paper Planes & Melodies over Monroe. With sun & 60s already, I know that was a great call and can’t wait to see Rob Bliss work in his favorite medium – crowds*.

However, even if we had been facing hurricane force winds and a downpour, I still would have been more than happy that I made the drive to Grand Rapids. I can’t describe the energy that’s in the city right now, fueled by more art than you can appreciate even with the aid of the Official Art Appreciation people in the Federal Building.

If you can go to ArtPrize, you should. If you can’t go, you should check your schedule again and reconsider.

Photo: Barcode system by powerbooktrance

*seriously, that’s what his entry form says.

Absolute Michigan’s ArtPrize page


ArtPrize Grand Rapids 2009 is a Twitter, Flickr & YouTube mashup

100,000 Paper Planes & Melodies over Monroe

100000 Planes & Melodies over MonroeSocial networker/flash-mobber extraordinaire Rob Bliss is at it again with 100,000 Paper Planes & Melodies over Monroe:

This Sunday (September 27th) between 12:30 and 1:30 Monroe Ave (map). will be shut down between Fulton and Michigan so that One Hundred Thousand 100% post-consumer brightly colored airplanes can be launched from the rooftops of six major downtown rooftops that are 6-11 stories tall.

At the same time down below, thousands of musicians of all skill levels, instruments, and ages will come together to play a beautiful melody (A single melody from Sigur Ros’ Olsen Olsen) in the streets as the sky and roads are filled with rainbow colored airplanes. Whether you play it or bang it, hum it or strum it no one is excluded- even if you don’t think you’re any good I want you here singing along with us. Each rooftop will have its own color, with synchronized launches like fireworks. This once in a lifetime event will be an event of brotherhood, a celebration of life and a reminder that we are all in this together.

Rob says that he’s worked every day for half a year to create this event and that this event will exceed all expectations and be something that you will be able to remember for the rest of your life if you decide to not be one of the people who sees pictures and video the next day!

Here’s some audio from IPR News Radio where Rob talks about some of the technical details.


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