Saturday Check-in from Rothbury

The Odeum Stage at RothburySorry for the slow pace of updates – in addition to the really late night entertainment (Girl Talk video coming – yow!) we did get our coverage on track yesterday afternoon.

Notable stuff…

Anne Savage’s amazing panoramas
– just click over and immerse yourself.

Ryan Thompson’s String Cheese Incident video – such an amazing show. It’s incredible what you can do with production when given a budget.

Just interviewed Sarah Haynes, Rothbury’s Greening Coordinator. She related that they have 700 volunteers associated with their recycling and waste management and local impact initiatives.

Richard Taber has another set that will be posted here soon!


1 Response to “Saturday Check-in from Rothbury”

  1. 1 Bill E July 4, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Live streaming vid from the festival –

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