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Michigan movie trivia featuring Anatomy of a Murder

Over on Absolute Michigan, we have a great list of Michigan movie trivia. It includes the trailer to Anatomy of a Murder.

Best. Trailer. Ever.


Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival: Day Two

Michael Moore & John Waters at the Traverse City Comedy Arts FestivalMike BurbigliaWhitney Cummings

The second day of the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival featured some big name comedians: John Waters, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, Mike Burbiglia, John Waters and Roseanne Barr. Check out the Traverse City Comedy Festival slideshow on Flickr to see them in action.

I got to sit in on an interview with Jeff Garlin and Whitney Cummings. When asked if there would be a year two for the Comedy Fest, Jeff said “All the shows are sold out – of course” and leaked a few details on next year’s festival including a Thursday night opening party and headliner.

Whitney noted that unlike a lot of other comedy festivals, this one seems a lot less geared to agents and their blackberries and more about comedians and comedy.

onLocation: Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival

Event dynamo Michael Moore has teamed up with comedian Jeff Garlin to launch the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival. The inaugural comedy fest takes place this weekend (February 19-21, 2010) and features and impressive roster of established comedians including Roseanne Barr, John Waters, Whitney Cummings, JB Smoove, Mike Birbiglia along with some up-and-coming comedians, films and associated hoopla. View the schedule of comedians and special events & films and order tickets!

The venues that they use for the annual Traverse City Film Festival will be converted to have a nightclub feel and they’ll even be doing free, late night shows in the basement of Horizon Books hosted by Jeff Garlin. They’ll also be having a free, outdoor showing of the comedy classic Groundhog Day with special live features. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind experience for Michigan comedy fans!

You can follow blog posts, #comedytc Twitter posts and other media on the TCFF Blog and on Absolute Michigan’s Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival page.

Head over to Absolute Michigan’s Traverse City pages to get lodging, dining and other visitor information.

Grand Rapids ArtPrize: We have a winner!

ArtPrize 09-Open Water no.24 by deviant_anomaly
ART PRIZE 2009-0032
ART PRIZE 2009-0032 by RichardD72

AND THE WINNER IS… by rkramer62


The first-ever ArtPrize in Grand Rapids has ended with Open Water no. 24, a 6′ x 19′ oil painting by Ran Ortner being chosen as the winner by public vote from 1,262 artists who exhibited at 157 venues across the city. A former pro motorcycle racer, Ortner will receive a quarter of a million dollars for his finish. The Freep reports:

Ortner said he was stunned by his win. “Wow. Exhilarating, captivating, ridiculous. Can’t get my head around it.”

It means a lot to him that those choosing his work were not professional art critics but people who were moved by his work. “There’s been a heart connection here,” he said.

And it has been good for those who voted, Ortner said. “All of a sudden, those who know nothing about art have an opinion that matters,” he said. “It really has a life larger than anything anybody anticipated.”

ArtPrize 2009 Winners

  1. Ran Ortner – Open Water no. 24
  2. Tracy Van Duinen – Imagine That!
  3. Eric Daigh – Portraits
  4. David Lubbers – The Grand Dance
  5. Bill Secunda – Moose
  6. Nessie Project – Nessie on the Grand
  7. John Douglas Powers – Field of Reeds
  8. Sarah Grant – The Furniture City Sets the Table for the World of Art
  9. Jason Hackenwerth – Ecstasy of The Scarlet Empress
  10. Michael Westra – winddancer 2

You can get some more links to coverage at Who won ArtPrize? on the ArtPrize blog and stay tuned to for news about ArtPrize 2010!

Check out this video below for some scenes from the Winners Celebration – the close of this dance number is really impressive!

More videos can be found at ArtPrize 2009 Absolute Michigan.

Snapshots of the Grand Rapids ArtPrize

Here’s a video produced by Absolute Michigan featuring audio from Brad Aspey of Interlochen Public Radio along with photographs from the Absolute Michigan pool and the Creative Commons. The music is Octopussy by Juanitos. There’s so much more to see – definitely go to Grand Rapids if at all possible and learn all about ArtPrize Grand Rapids.




Kurt Perschke


Eric Daigh


Rob Bliss

On Location: ArtPrize in Grand Rapids

ArtPrize Grand Rapids

Our next On Location feature will be the inaugural ArtPrize in Grand Rapids. ArtPrize is open to any artist and the votes of all visitors will determine who wins the largest art prize in the world: $250,000! With venues all over the city and an amazing range of artists participating, ArtPrize is sure to be an amazing experience to everyone who attends.

If you’re taking photos at ArtPrize, please share them in the Absolute Michigan pool, the official ArtPrize Grand Rapids group and also in the Grand Rapids ArtPrize Promotion group. Our banner photos are:

Report from the Michigan Film Council meeting at the 2009 Traverse City Film Festival

michigan-film-council-meetingThanks to Impact for providing open wireless!

The Big Story is that a remake of the 80s invasion classic Red Dawn. The film will be entirely shot in Michigan, adding a new meaning to the battle cry of “Wolverines!”

Richard Jewell is the new workforce development guy. He will be tasked with developing a Michigan certification program for film crew. Janet warns to be careful when selecting a “film school” as many of them are turning out people with poor skills who can’t get a job. Richard promises that we will develop a program that ensures Michiganians will be employed in the film industry. New Mexico is a target for the state as they are getting tons of projects through the infrastructure and support to the industry they have established.

Michael Moore was asked to deliver a report on the Traverse City Film Festival which is estimated to pour over $10 million into the regional economy over the first few days alone. He says that the TCFF has had more than 250,000 admissions over the first 5 years and that this year the festival has drawn filmmakers from 50 countries worldwide. Central was a salute to Scandinavian film. In addition to the opening film Troubled Water, there was the sold out midnight screening of the “Nazi zombie pic” Dead Snow.

Picking up on a theme that Cherie highlighted in Festival Inspiration, Michael noted that there were a lot of young folk (including his niece) who probably saw their first subtitled film last night. He notes that one of the purposes of the festival is to increase film literacy and that when they go away to school, they probably won’t feel shy about seeing a film with subtitles.

Mike notes that he and festival director Deb Lake will share  how they’ve done what they’ve done at the State Theatre and in the TCFF with anyone – call them! He also reiterated that there are no minimum wage jobs on a film set and his hopes that Michigan not let our ship sail in and then sail away.

The director of the University of Michigan Film School followed up by saying that the year we passed the film incentive was the first year that he saw students staying in Michigan instead of heading out to LA or New York. “40 years ago we went to the moon – can you imagine if we’d kept going what would have happened. You have to imagine your future – just give this thing a chance.”