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Rothbury Wrap: Video, Photos & Features from the 2009 Rothbury Music Festival

Rothbury - Out of This World by tinmantaberWe’ll probably be going through footage and film from Rothbury 2009 for weeks to come, and we’ll be updating this post through the year to make sure we have everything you need to know about Rothbury 2009. Have something to add? Post a comment!

mLive reports that according to Lt. David Roesler of the Michigan State Police, Rothbury had an estimated paid attendance of just under 34,000 (closer to 36,000 when volunteers, staff and comps were added). You can get more numbers and some great links from Wikipedia’s Rothbury Festival entry.

One of the most interesting things for me about the Festival was meeting people from right here in Michigan who I hadn’t been aware of. Michigan songwriter Ralston Bowles (who was voted on to the island by fans through Facebook & emails) was one of those and his performance right before Willie Nelson was just one of the ways that Michigan shone at Rothbury.

Another group of Michigan folks who I was happy to meet were the folks from WYCE and the Community Media Center of Grand Rapids. They produced some great interviews including one with Grace Potter (of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals) one of Spin magazine’s 11 must hear bands at Rothbury that kicks off with a great acoustic solo. Some of their other interviews include Muskegon’s own Four Finger Five (one of my favorites), the MacPodz, Brett Dennen, Guster and Ani DiFranco.

Ribbon Dancer by tinmantaberOur Absolute Michigan team included a pair of alumni of the Leelanau School in Glen Arbor: Richard Taber and Ryan Thompson. Richard got some stunning photos and I hear that Ryan hangs with Twitter’s David Lee Rothbury. Together they collaborated on some great videos including a report from the biodiesel think tank and interviews with mycologist Paul Stamets, Erin Zindle from The Ragbirds (who appreciated Rothbury’s attention to “green details”) and the slideshow below of photos from the Rothbury Think Tanks and other scenes from the festival…

Those Think Tanks were one of the things that sets Rothbury apart from other festivals. Another thing was the dedication to Michigan musicians. When I spoke with Rothbury producer Jeremy Stein (along with reps from the Detroit News & mLive) he said that Rothbury felt it was critical to keep Michigan artists in the spotlight. He also talked about their commitment to integrating with the local economy to maximize the multi-million dollar impact of a festival that employs over 3500 people.

Rothbury Festival 2009We camped with the folks from Porterhouse Productions who have a few reports on their blog. Portherhouse founder Sam Porter and I talked with musician Brett Dennen who had some interesting thoughts about how to carry the festival experience further – look for more about that in the months to come.

Anne Savage of Revolutionary Views put together some tasty panoramas from Rothbury (complete with ambient sound) and also has a cool slideshow from Rothbury 2009.

Oh yeah. I had media access and remembered to pull out my camera every so often. Some of my favorites are in my Rothbury 2009 set (slideshow).

You can see a whole lot more photos from Rothbury (and share your own) in the Rothbury 2009 pool on Flickr.

Of course, there was music at Rothbury. Some highlights include live audio recordings from Rothbury at including:  Railroad Earth, Yonder Mountain String Band, Guster, Sound Tribe Sector 9, Steppin In It, the Ragbirds and Grace Potter and the Nocturnals (no Dead show, but I’m sure that will be coming).

YouTube is of course not to be denied. A few favorites are Bob DylanLes Claypool, Railroad Earth, The Black Crowes, STS9’s Michael Jackson tribute, John Butler Trio doing Zebra, Flogging Molly, Umphrey’s McGee with a Pink Floyd cover, Broken Social Scene, The Quannum All Stars, Girl Talk (check out the crowd surfing), Damian Marley, Government Mule w/ guest Grace Potter, (and the light show to match), String Cheese Incident, Toots and the Maytalls and the Dead (also see the fireworks & US Blues – the sound is pretty rough but the video is amazing!)

And as always, add your links, photos & video for Rothbury in the comments!

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2009 Rothbury Think Tank Exclusive


Rothbury SlideShow

The Dead was REAL good…

Check out some other highlights of the Rothbury Festival in the incredible state of Michigan.

String Cheese Rocks Rothbury

Rothbury night 3 (Friday)-14The String Cheese Incident had a ball Friday night playing for one of the best crowds the band could hope for. Not only was everyone into the music, vibe and giant beach balls being pumped up and tossed around the hill all night… String Cheese had it all.
photo: Rothbury night 3 (Friday)-14 by Thechadweb

Check out this video of the band and electrifying dancers:

Taste of Rothbury (Day 1)

Hi folks,

This is R. Bradley Thompson –  I’ll be interviewing people and writing about my experience at Rothbury, Michigan. I’d like to address that we’ve had some snags getting started. A first mistake was trying to get to the Lake-Express a little early. Shoulda’ got there a “lotta” early, yeah… I missed it. Se fue. I did however have a chance to drive from Milwaukee to Rothbury along the fresh coast, always a pleasure. So, uh hem…  got here a little late, the wi-fi hasn’t cooperated and ATT hasn’t blessed me with a whisper of cell reception in anything but the enchanted & remote… yet beautiful… Sherwood forest.

Alas, now the good stuff… First impressions?

Awesome. Rothbury appears to live up to the billing as a sustainable rock concert. The cups are made of corn, people are respectful, and the grounds are clean. It’s nice to know that 400 of the 2,000 staff members are locals and that there are beautiful woman patrolling the grounds on horseback. Here is another beautiful woman, one who happens to be performing Sunday at 12:30.

As far as what’s popping right now. String Cheese is working the crowd, i’ll touch on this a little more manana with a full report.

Earlier today?  Femi Kuti killed & the rest I am still taking in. Look for fresh photos, more video, stories, and twitter tweets – Follow me (when reception works!) @Rothbury2009

Saludos mis amigos.

Rothbury Report: Friday Morning

He's Got the Power

The festival organizers are expecting ticket sales in the 30,000+ range – still time to be one of them (they have a $75 Saturday & Sunday – with The Dead, Dylan, Willie Nelson and more, it’s no doubt worth it!)

Thursday night started strong with Keller Williams and some great hip-hop. We’re still figuring out the internet and getting our bearings but planning to kick out some coverage all weekend long.

The first of the workshops kicks off in a few minutes and we’ll have a report from there.

Rothbury iPhone app

Mac Most reports that Rothbury has an iPhone app that will help you find out when your favorite acts are playing (and discover new acts), create your personal schedule for the weekend and find your way around the festival grounds with cool maps.

I thought that the coolest thing was the “My Rothster” that allows you to set a schedule and know where you’re supposed to be.