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TCFF Dailies for Wednesday from the Traverse City Film Festival

Here’s the first of the TCFF Dailies we’re producing for the Film Festival. See it out bigger on YouTube.


Free Movies Every Night at the Open Space

Finding Nemo...Film Festival 2010 TC

While Traverse City may not have the most creatively named waterfront park in Michigan, it is very cool to have a broad, grassy park right on Lake Michigan’s Grand Traverse Bay in downtown TC.

Every year for the Traverse City Film Festival they show free movies on the biiiig screen. Still to come: Raising Arizona, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and Mary Poppins!

Photo Credit: Finding Nemo…Film Festival 2010 TC by Pamela Ann Photography

Greening the Traverse City Film Festival

In Traverse City Film Festival Goes Green, Jacque writes about something many of the festivals we cover grapple with, how to make their event greener. He begins:

I had an opportunity to sit down with Jessica Abfalter, 2010 TCFF Water Manager, and learned how she is helping Traverse City Film Festival reach their green goals. It was a chance meeting, in a local coffee shop, where Jessica was on the phone trying to secure compostable drinking cups for this years events (just one part of her plan). The issue was not finding the cups, but making sure that they arrive safely during one of the hottest summers that this Northern Michigan city has seen in while. The cups that the Traverse City Film Festival will be using begin to decompose, according to the suppliers website, at 110 degrees.

In an effort to put less waste in landfills, the Traverse City Film Festival will go green by ditching bottled water for filtered water with two choices for containers: Compostable cups & reusable sports bottles. The four venues for this green project include: The Traverse City State Theatre, Old Town Playhouse, City Opera House , and Lars Hockstad Auditorium.

Read on for a breakdown of the Traverse City Film Festival’s green effort! Also check out the nonprofit that will take all that recycling and keep the materials working for us, Bay Area Recycling for Charities.

Photo: Jessica Abfalter, TCFF Water Manager & Abbie Phillips, Co-Manager, show off this year’s green ideas.

On Location at the 2010 Traverse City Film Festival

kascott_20090801_3408_cbAll next week Absolute Michigan will be on location at the Traverse City Film Festival in Traverse City, Michigan. The festival takes place Tuesday, July 27 through Sunday, August 1. Check their site for tickets and also the times of free panels and free movies on the BIG screen at the Open Space

We’re a sponsor of the festival so we may have a little biased, but we have to say that this is one of the coolest weeks we get a chance to be a part of. In 2010, we’re going to be working with a great group of folks including the University of Michigan Film School to produce daily online video – stay tuned!

Here’s a great video produced by Scott Allman that will help get you in the mood.

Photo: Traverse City Film Festival by Ken Scott

Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival: Day Two

Michael Moore & John Waters at the Traverse City Comedy Arts FestivalMike BurbigliaWhitney Cummings

The second day of the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival featured some big name comedians: John Waters, Whitney Cummings, Jeff Garlin, Mike Burbiglia, John Waters and Roseanne Barr. Check out the Traverse City Comedy Festival slideshow on Flickr to see them in action.

I got to sit in on an interview with Jeff Garlin and Whitney Cummings. When asked if there would be a year two for the Comedy Fest, Jeff said “All the shows are sold out – of course” and leaked a few details on next year’s festival including a Thursday night opening party and headliner.

Whitney noted that unlike a lot of other comedy festivals, this one seems a lot less geared to agents and their blackberries and more about comedians and comedy.

onLocation: Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival

Event dynamo Michael Moore has teamed up with comedian Jeff Garlin to launch the Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival. The inaugural comedy fest takes place this weekend (February 19-21, 2010) and features and impressive roster of established comedians including Roseanne Barr, John Waters, Whitney Cummings, JB Smoove, Mike Birbiglia along with some up-and-coming comedians, films and associated hoopla. View the schedule of comedians and special events & films and order tickets!

The venues that they use for the annual Traverse City Film Festival will be converted to have a nightclub feel and they’ll even be doing free, late night shows in the basement of Horizon Books hosted by Jeff Garlin. They’ll also be having a free, outdoor showing of the comedy classic Groundhog Day with special live features. All in all, it’s shaping up to be a one-of-a-kind experience for Michigan comedy fans!

You can follow blog posts, #comedytc Twitter posts and other media on the TCFF Blog and on Absolute Michigan’s Traverse City Comedy Arts Festival page.

Head over to Absolute Michigan’s Traverse City pages to get lodging, dining and other visitor information.

Larry Charles, Michael Moore, Jeff Garlin & others on the Traverse City Film Festival

Traverse City Film Festival co-founder Michael Moore, Director Larry Charles, Producer/ Actor Jeff Garlin and others give their thoughts on Traverse City, the state of Michigan and the Traverse City Film Festival in this video by Scott Allman Video.