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Taste of Rothbury (Day 1)

Hi folks,

This is R. Bradley Thompson –  I’ll be interviewing people and writing about my experience at Rothbury, Michigan. I’d like to address that we’ve had some snags getting started. A first mistake was trying to get to the Lake-Express a little early. Shoulda’ got there a “lotta” early, yeah… I missed it. Se fue. I did however have a chance to drive from Milwaukee to Rothbury along the fresh coast, always a pleasure. So, uh hem…  got here a little late, the wi-fi hasn’t cooperated and ATT hasn’t blessed me with a whisper of cell reception in anything but the enchanted & remote… yet beautiful… Sherwood forest.

Alas, now the good stuff… First impressions?

Awesome. Rothbury appears to live up to the billing as a sustainable rock concert. The cups are made of corn, people are respectful, and the grounds are clean. It’s nice to know that 400 of the 2,000 staff members are locals and that there are beautiful woman patrolling the grounds on horseback. Here is another beautiful woman, one who happens to be performing Sunday at 12:30.

As far as what’s popping right now. String Cheese is working the crowd, i’ll touch on this a little more manana with a full report.

Earlier today?  Femi Kuti killed & the rest I am still taking in. Look for fresh photos, more video, stories, and twitter tweets – Follow me (when reception works!) @Rothbury2009

Saludos mis amigos.