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Greening the Traverse City Film Festival

In Traverse City Film Festival Goes Green, Jacque writes about something many of the festivals we cover grapple with, how to make their event greener. He begins:

I had an opportunity to sit down with Jessica Abfalter, 2010 TCFF Water Manager, and learned how she is helping Traverse City Film Festival reach their green goals. It was a chance meeting, in a local coffee shop, where Jessica was on the phone trying to secure compostable drinking cups for this years events (just one part of her plan). The issue was not finding the cups, but making sure that they arrive safely during one of the hottest summers that this Northern Michigan city has seen in while. The cups that the Traverse City Film Festival will be using begin to decompose, according to the suppliers website, at 110 degrees.

In an effort to put less waste in landfills, the Traverse City Film Festival will go green by ditching bottled water for filtered water with two choices for containers: Compostable cups & reusable sports bottles. The four venues for this green project include: The Traverse City State Theatre, Old Town Playhouse, City Opera House , and Lars Hockstad Auditorium.

Read on for a breakdown of the Traverse City Film Festival’s green effort! Also check out the nonprofit that will take all that recycling and keep the materials working for us, Bay Area Recycling for Charities.

Photo: Jessica Abfalter, TCFF Water Manager & Abbie Phillips, Co-Manager, show off this year’s green ideas.